Giddy Up

Rocky outcrops in the Vedauwoo Recreational Area. Southeast Wyoming.

Based on our conversation, we create 3 custom itineraries for you to choose from that include transportation, lodging options and activities. These itineraries are good for 30 days, although we cannot guarantee availability or prices will not change as they are often out of our control. The planning fee is non-refundable, but will be applied to your final balance if you book with us. If after the 30 days you have not booked, the deposit becomes a fee for services rendered through WeKnowWyo LLC.

$125 planning deposit

Additional Fees:

            $100/person for up to 7 days of travel ($500 max for up to 7 people)

            $175/person for over 8 days of travel ($875 max for up to 7 people)

            $55/person for each additional person after your initial 7.

            Group Fees will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Fees are non-refundable and collected at time of deposit unless otherwise agreed upon.