The Wild, Wild West

The Wild, Wild West. Where adventure has always been an attraction!

Wonderous Wyoming

The land that became part of the Wyoming territory in 1869, officially became the state of Wyoming on July 10, 1890. However long before we were a state, adventurous people where making their ways through this great land!

Over 11,000 years ago Paleoindians begin to appear in the archeological records alongside of the big game that they hunted. The first European to enter into what would eventually be Wyoming, was John Coulter in 1807 ahead of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. He would be the first to ever write about the future Yellowstone National Park! Trappers and Traders would make their way out to the new frontier in search of valuable pelts and furs, followed by thousands of people would start to pass through Wyoming on their way out West on the Oregon, California and Mormon Trails. By 1834, the first permanent settlement, Fort Laramie, was completed and many trading posts and small towns along these routes would start to appear.

Butch Cassidy. Historical Wyoming.

Butch Cassidy. Historical Wyoming.

By the 1860’s the railroad would start to make its way across Wyoming, bringing even more people to the area. The west had expanded and with it came the Cowboys and the Cattle Barron as Wyoming, a Lenape Indian word meaning “on the big plain”, had great open spaces to graze. As Wyoming was still not a state it had very little government or law giving it the reputation of “The Wild West!” This may have helped to attract some the greatest outlaws of the time as well. Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, and the rest of the Wild Bunch, would be sure to leave their mark on Wyoming history! Buffalo Bill Cody would not only hold auditions for his Wild West Act from the porch of the Sheridan Inn, he helped to build it as well! Not mention he would go on to  help found the town of Cody, but built the Irma hotel named for his daughter.

The discovery of Gold near South Pass and Atlantic City in the mid 1800’s helped bring people to the territory and began the rich history of mining that would continue to build Wyoming. In 1867, commercial mining for coal began to support the Union Pacific Railroad, which even today, alongside fossil fuels, Trona, Helium and more, continue to contribute to Wyoming’s #1 Industry of Natural Resources.

Wyoming continues to attract people looking for a great adventure! Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National park still attract millions of visitors each year, but Wyoming is so much more than that! From 5-star resorts to sleeping outside under the stars, there is always a place to lay your head! Whether going down a hill on skis or a river in a raft, there is always an incredible view around every corner! From the 4 wheels of your car, the 4 legs of a horse, or your favorite pair of hiking boots, you can get out and enjoy the road less travelled! Soak in the sun while fishing one of our great rivers or streams, or soak in one of our great hot springs! Experience a piece of the past at a great Historic Site or experience unique shopping and restaurants in one of our many historic downtowns! Strap on your boots and watch one of our great rodeo’s, or spend some time at one of our great Dude Ranches! Whatever you choose to do, its time to visit “The Wild Wild West” and share in our adventure!

Welcome to the Wild, Wild West! Get out and explore!