Travel Planners

Sacred Rim in the Windriver Mountain. Central Wyoming.

View from atop Sacred Rim in the Windriver Mountain. Central Wyoming.

So what exactly is are travel planners?

Travel planners specialize in customized trips instead of cookie-cutter, off the shelf vacations. After our initial conversation, we spend time researching the picture-perfect trip for you, including as much or as little detail as you want.

A travel planner does not work on commissions from suppliers, but on the fee’s you pay directly to them. Why is this important? Because a travel planner is not looking for a hotel that provides the highest commission back to them, but the lodging option that works best for you! The total cost of your trip is not as important to a travel planner, as their pay is not based on commission. They get paid the same amount whether your vacation is $5,000 or $50,000. This allows them to truly customize your experience!


So why use a travel planner?

A travel planner takes the stress of researching your vacation off of you! Sure you can go to the internet and plan your own vacation, but often the options are limitless and can be overwhelming! In the case of WeKnowWyo, we are using hotels/motels, guides and services, campsites and fishing locations, plus recommending restaurants, hikes and other places that we actually like and do visit! We know the communities you will be visiting and have probably met the owners of the properties we are recommending somewhere along the way.  WeKnowWyo is not sending you to a far off location, but welcoming you to our home, and that means something to us!

A travel planner can take you off the beaten path to visit places that other tourists may not know to go. You can experience the places like a local, and know not to ask for a “toasted bagel” at Pearl Street Bagels, and that Farson really is famous for the size of their ice cream!  More than that, they know to make sure their clients are aware of weather, road conditions, and especially in Wyoming, how altitude may effect you. That is the difference in using a travel planner! Their relationship is with you, not a supplier.