Adventure Travel

“When you see someone putting on his Big Boots, you can be pretty sure that an Adventure is going to happen.”  — A.A. Milnie.

What is Adventure Travel?

Adventure travel is an opportunity to live your passion while making a difference in the world by transforming your life, increasing cultural awareness and expanding worldviews. Adventure travel is something you come back from changed.

Why is WeKnowWyo Adventure Travel?

Because we strive to build your vacation around what you are passionate about doing and accomplishing! It is about introducing you to the people and places that make Wyoming unique — our western hospitality if you will! It is about planning a vacation for you where put on your “big boots” and go on an adventure! It is not sitting on a bus, stopping at significant places along the route. It is you choosing the route and discovering significant places along the way.

A view from above the Green River. Southwest Wyoming.

It is not necessarily about climbing the Grand Teton, but instead hiking into Cascade Canyon and discovering bull moose in their native habitat. It is not about heli-skiing, but about strapping on skis at Snowy Range Ski Area and experiencing the thrill of going down a mountain for the first time. It is about going on a guided tour at dusk to see Grizzlies and Wolves in Yellowstone or using a guide to help you hook your first fish while fly-fishing on the Green River.  It is following parts of the Oregon Trail and walking through Historic Places like South Pass City and Fort Bridger to see first hand how the early settlers lived. It is about stepping out of what you know to experience something new and different.

We mentioned Guides. Why is that a part of Adventure travel? There will be times WeKnowWyo will suggest the use of a guide depending on your activity. This is actually for several reasons, but mainly to enhance your experience and/or for your safety. Guides are local experts who bring not only their knowledge, skill and abilities to your experience, but also their love and passion for the area. They know the area, the activity and the risks. Their priority is your safety and enjoyment. WeKnowWyo will not book any type of river rafting activity or horse-backing riding for a guest that is not through a licensed guide. Other activities such as certain hikes and fishing or flora/wildlife watching, guides might be suggested, but it is your option to use them.

In Wyoming, adventure awaits you down every path! Come and discover it for yourself.